Sunday, May 20, 2018

Jagers are Finished in Record Time

I spent several hours today painting a small unit of Prussian Jägers.  This was an experiment in two dimensions.  I wanted to see if I could finish a small unit in a day; and I wanted to apply a gloss coat to the unit (I really didn't want to make a mess of my Hussars or Lancers in case I had a mishap). The results are here:

As you can see, they are still on their tongue depressors.  I left them on because the gloss takes a while to dry, and I wanted to post their photo today (since it was a one day unit challenge).

Here they are in retreat
Here is a close up of two Jägers from the front.

And in retreat.

 Wow does that stuff give off fumes.  I have used acrylics so long, that I had forgotten how strong the fumes are from non-water-based paint/varnish.  Does anyone know of a water-based varnish?  Next time I will go outside to apply the gloss.

I have applied one coat of gloss.  Is that sufficient?  Your opinion?

Saturday, May 19, 2018

On the Painting Block: A Small Skirmish Unit of Prussian Freiwillige Jäger


In order to keep up the momentum, and add a unit to the army (hopefully) relatively quickly, I will be painting a skirmish sized  unit (6 figures) of Prussian Freiwillige Jäger. 

Muskets and Marshals deploys skirmishers in small, 6 man units.  Although the fine looking shakos will be covered in the ubiquitous oilskins, they should make a fine looking little unit.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

The 1st Squadron of the 3rd Silesian Cavalry Regiment, reports for duty

The 1st Squadron of the Prussian 3rd Silesian Cavalry Regiment (lancers), reported for duty late last evening.  Their uniforms finally arrived after almost a year of waiting for the quartermaster to deliver them.  We certainly hope he will be more timely with the next unit.

The full dress uniform is most impressive. 
The figures I have are what appear to be home-casts of Hinton Hunt "PN/39 Landwehr Lancer Trooper (mounted) charging."  They are wearing oilskin protection for their lovely headgear, presumably in case it rains at Ligny, Waterloo, Wavre, or other Belgian battle sites in 1815. 

The 3rd Silesian cavalry, sporting new uniforms and lances, arrive in camp

This is my second cavalry squadron painted, and we anticipate a small cavalry skirmish with the French 7th Hussars elite squadron.  Though we will have to wait until suitable gloss has been applied to both units, and basing for Muskets and Marshals has occurred.

 Here the 3rd Silesian cavalry is practicing their maneuvers in line.

 A headlong charge at the gallop, right at the spectator. 
Imposing (even if you are in square)!

 Two half squadrons meet in a faux battle

 They gallop past the reviewing stand. 
Do you hear their hooves pounding the ground and kicking up dust, do you smell the horses? 

 A gentlemanly joust.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Basing Dilema

I have been mulling over the size of bases to use for my units for some time now (primarily as it relates to cavalry and unlimbered artillery).  Muskets and Marshals has cavalry based on a 30mm x 30mm base, see below:
This size base is barely big enough to fit the troopers on, and their carbines get in the way of each other.   In fact, if they are not positioned carefully and then assembled in line in the same way each time, their bases do not quite fit together.

The alternative is to use 40mm x 30mm bases, which fits the troopers much better, but does leave a couple of extra millimeters of separation between them (for purposes of illustration, I have set them on two 40mm x 15mm bases butted together), see below:

The other advantage of the slightly larger bases, is that the scale distances work out slightly more "realistic." 

Here they are from the front, first 30mm x 30mm:

Then 40mm x 30mm:

As always, your comments are appreciated.

My first unit of Prussian (Silesian) Landwehr Lancers are about half done.  They will be the next squadron to be completed.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Elites are Back, and their Tack is Black

 After thinking it through, I decided to paint the tack on the elite squadron of the 7th Hussars black.  I had used dark grey, which tended to show the unevenness of the lines.  The black, in my opinion, does hide that "problem."  In addition, the black really focuses your attention on the cavalry trooper, rather than divide your attention between the trooper and the horse.  It was a good experiment (though time consuming).  What do you think ? (You can see the dark grey tack in a prior post below to compare).
Elites with Black Tack (instead of Dark Grey)

At a jaunty angle

In column of march, from left to right

In column of march, from right to left
From the rear

All that is left to do now is to gloss them up (and then base them).  I have purchased some Winsor & Newton Artist's Gloss Varnish for the gloss job.

  Are there any tips or tricks to getting a good gloss finish?

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Identity Crisis - Who is this ?

Who is this?  He appears to be wearing a hussar uniform and mirliton.

Back of rider, front of horse that was in the Ziploc with the rider (is it his horse?)

I need your help identifying this Hinton Hunt Figure.  Here is a better shot of the rider from the front:

Please let me know this gentleman soldier's identity in the comments below.