Sunday, May 14, 2017

New Projects

I have decided to build two classic HINTON HUNT 20mm Napoleonic armies (assuming I can find enough figures).  They will be a British, Prussian, Dutch-Belgian, Brunswick Allied army and a French army (which may contain some allies as well, Bavarian, Swiss, Saxon, etc.). 

I have linked several blogs that are devoted to collecting and gaming with Hinton Hunt figures.  At present I am planning to use Stryker's "Muskets and Marshals" rules.  Muskets and Marshals rules (free)

I have also ordered some Napoleonic Newline Designs figures so I can see them in person.  I have heard good things about them.  I want to see how they compare in size to the RSM95 20mm Napoleonic figures.  Newline Designs Miniatures

The other project I have started recently is an adventure into the 18th Century world of imaginations.  I am building two 30mm armies (loosely based on Austria/Saxony vs. Prussia) using RSM95 and Minden Miniatures figures.  Dayton Painting Consortium (RSM95s)  Fife and Drum / Minden Miniatures

My ongoing projects are:

1.  Building two Napoleonic armies, using 28mm Front Rank figures, for use with Andrew Parr's rules "Fortune and Glory."  Lonely Gamers - Fortune and Glory Rules

2.  Building two Napoleonic armies, using Adler 6mm figures, for use with "Blucher."  Blucher Rules

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