Sunday, May 14, 2017

Now Recruiting - Do you have any Hinton Hunt Figures You No Longer Want?

If you have any Hinton Hunt or Der Kriegspielers 20mm Napoleonic Figures that you would be willing to part with, please contact me (leave me a comment letting me know how I can contact you). 

I have no original Hinton Hunt or Der Kriegspielers figures at this time (I have some recasts on order with John Cunningham in the UK).  Vintage Wargaming Figures

I would love some originals for the Hinton Hunt project (see below).

New Projects

I have decided to build two classic HINTON HUNT 20mm Napoleonic armies (assuming I can find enough figures).  They will be a British, Prussian, Dutch-Belgian, Brunswick Allied army and a French army (which may contain some allies as well, Bavarian, Swiss, Saxon, etc.). 

I have linked several blogs that are devoted to collecting and gaming with Hinton Hunt figures.  At present I am planning to use Stryker's "Muskets and Marshals" rules.  Muskets and Marshals rules (free)

I have also ordered some Napoleonic Newline Designs figures so I can see them in person.  I have heard good things about them.  I want to see how they compare in size to the RSM95 20mm Napoleonic figures.  Newline Designs Miniatures

The other project I have started recently is an adventure into the 18th Century world of imaginations.  I am building two 30mm armies (loosely based on Austria/Saxony vs. Prussia) using RSM95 and Minden Miniatures figures.  Dayton Painting Consortium (RSM95s)  Fife and Drum / Minden Miniatures

My ongoing projects are:

1.  Building two Napoleonic armies, using 28mm Front Rank figures, for use with Andrew Parr's rules "Fortune and Glory."  Lonely Gamers - Fortune and Glory Rules

2.  Building two Napoleonic armies, using Adler 6mm figures, for use with "Blucher."  Blucher Rules