Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Basing Dilema

I have been mulling over the size of bases to use for my units for some time now (primarily as it relates to cavalry and unlimbered artillery).  Muskets and Marshals has cavalry based on a 30mm x 30mm base, see below:
This size base is barely big enough to fit the troopers on, and their carbines get in the way of each other.   In fact, if they are not positioned carefully and then assembled in line in the same way each time, their bases do not quite fit together.

The alternative is to use 40mm x 30mm bases, which fits the troopers much better, but does leave a couple of extra millimeters of separation between them (for purposes of illustration, I have set them on two 40mm x 15mm bases butted together), see below:

The other advantage of the slightly larger bases, is that the scale distances work out slightly more "realistic." 

Here they are from the front, first 30mm x 30mm:

Then 40mm x 30mm:

As always, your comments are appreciated.

My first unit of Prussian (Silesian) Landwehr Lancers are about half done.  They will be the next squadron to be completed.