Sunday, June 17, 2018

Prussian 6th Uhlans to Join the 3rd Silesian Landwehr and form a Regiment of Allied Cavalry

The Prussian 6th Uhlans will join the 3rd Silesian Landwehr Uhlans to form the first allied cavalry regiment.  

This unit was formed out of Uhlans from Lutzow's Freikorps and Uhlans from the Bremen Volunteers.  Note the picture above is from 1813.  By the time of the Hundred Days campaign, they were black over red as pictured below.

There are some small differences between the Lutzow's Freikorps uniform/equipment (black collars piped in red, and black over red lance pinions) and those of the Bremen Volunteers (red collars, and red over white pinions). 

Pictured below are the Der Kriegspielers Prussian Uhlans as they appeared upon arrival at camp.

The first squadron on the left has already been painted as the 3rd Silesian Landwehr Uhlans.  See the prior post here.  The middle squadron will now become the Prussian 6th Uhlans.  I will have to decide what to do with the other 4 figures.  Time to get busy painting!

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Captain Tacon's 1st Battery, 6th Artillery, of Foy's Division Has Arrived

Today was a momentous one for the French Armee.  Not only did Marshal Ney arrive in camp, but Captain Tacon's 1st Battery, 6th Artillery of Foy's Division also clattered into the French bivouac on Quatre Bras Day.

This fine French artillery crew arrived in today's post, and is a donation from Don (from Ian's blog) to the fledgling French Armee.  They came fully equipped and wearing their uniforms (primed and painted).  The fellow holding the porte fire had his feet severed at the ankles in transit, but he has been to the infirmary and is standing on his own already [he must have avoided the surgeon].  It looks like he has made a speedy recovery. 

Here they are manning a French gun that the Dutch recently abandoned.

Here they are, shown from the other side, after pivoting their gun to provide counterbattery fire against the Allies.

I am hopeful of obtaining at least one more French Artillery crew.  Each army will then have two batteries (which will be plenty of artillery until I paint up several more infantry battalions and cavalry squadrons/regiments).

Marshal Ney Arrives to Command at Quatre Bras

Marshal Michel Ney, 1st Duke of Elchingen, 1st Prince of the Moskva, known as "Le Rougeaud" to his troops, arrived in camp today looking a bit ragged.  He arrived, on a white horse, just in time for the 203rd Anniversary of the Battle of Quatre Bras.

The Bravest of the Brave will need a bath in paint and varnish stripper (the eco friendly kind; on its way to camp as I write), and then a fresh uniform, as well as a fresh mount (a bay).
FN/355 "MARSHAL NEY with riding coat worn over his shoulders (approp. horse FNH/10)."

 Marshal Ney arrived with three other Marshals/Generals.  They will be featured in a future post.  Perhaps you can help identify them.


Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Captain Thomas Roger's Royal British Foot Artillery Battery Arrives in Camp

Today Captain Thomas Roger's Royal British Foot Artillery Battery came rattling into camp.  The battery is pictured below. 

They still need to be mounted on stands and have their gloss coat applied

Hinton Hunt BN144 RFA Gunner w/spike
Hinton Hunt "Field Gun (British)"

Hinton Hunt BN143 RFA Gunner w/ball
Hinton Hunt BN140 RFA Officer w/map
(Captain Thomas Rogers)

Hinton Hunt BN142 RFA Gunner w/rammer
Hinton Hunt BN142 RFA Gunner w/rammer (in reverse)
Hinton Hunt BN143 RFA Gunner w/ball
Hinton Hunt BN140 RFA Officer w/map
(Captain Thomas Rogers)
(in reverse)

Hinton Hunt BN144 RFA Gunner w/spike
Hinton Hunt "Field Gun (British)"
(in reverse)

Captain Rogers taking command

Captain Rogers directing the gunner with rammer.
Two Hinton Hunt "Field Gun[s] (British)"

Pictured above is the bottom of one the guns, with the marking "HHF" for Hinton Hunt Figures (?), Upon closer examination of the photo after I posted it, I noticed what appears to be an A2 just to the left of the axle!)  A2 is a "Field Gun (British)" per the Hinton Hunt catalogue!  These are, in fact, original Hinton Hunt cannon.

This is the remainder of the artillery needed to complete "Phase I" (though I would love to locate two French gun crews.  Let me know if you have any for sale, trade or donation in the comments below). 

When I locate some French gunners, I will move the Dutch-Belgian gunners over to one of the above British/Allied guns, and let the French man the French guns pictured in my prior post.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Dutch Belgian Foot Artillery Enters Service in Time for Quatre Bras

The first artillery battery has been painted, just in time for the 203rd Anniversary of the Battle of Quatre Bras (June 16, 1815).  Unfortunately, due to limitations on the availability of French Hinton Hunt gunners, it will have to serve with the French army until suitable Frenchman can be recruited.

 Dutch Belgian foot artillery commanded by Captain Emanuel Stevenart.
Shown here with two French guns.

Here they are shown looking into the distance near Quatre Bras, Belgium.  

Two pieces of French ordinance pack a punch.  These are Hinchcliffe guns from John Cunningham. 
Ready for action.

They still need a coat of gloss varnish and bases, but they are enthusiastic and ready for battle. 
I have finally tracked down and ordered some acrylic varnish (all the gloss without the toxic fumes)
Close up in reverse.

The Royal Foot Artillery battery is next on the painting bench. 
If you have any French Hinton Hunt gunners you want to sell, trade or donate, please leave me a message in the comments below.



Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Russians On the Trading Block

I acquired these Russian fellows and and am interesting in trading them 
for some Hinton Hunt figures. If you would like to trade for them, please make me an offer.

 I do not know their manufacture.  Do you?

There are roughly 48 of the fellows in mitre caps (Pavlov Grenadiers?), 12 musketeers with yellow plumes, 22 soldiers with (rifles?) and green antennae plumes, and a couple of drummers and several flag bearers.

  Above is a close up of the figures on the left side of the first photo 
(and a propped up stand of the yellow plumed fellows).

Above is a close up of the figures on the right side of the first photo 
(and a propped up stand of the green plumed fellows).

And here is a closer shot of some figures so you can see the detail a bit better.

If you would like them, please make me an offer.   

Monday, May 28, 2018

March to the Sound of the Guns!

It is time to add some artillery to the small, but growing French and Allied armies I am creating, so that we will finally have all three arms present. 

To Start, in the absence of any French gunner figures, I will build a Dutch-Belgian battery.  They will have to stand in for the French until I can find some French gunners (if anyone out there can help me with a French crew or two, I  would be grateful). 

Dutch-Belgian Artillery 1815
DN/51 gunner with port fire
DN/53 gunner holding cannonball
BN/54 gunner with handspike
DN/55 gunner running with ammunition bag
DN/52 gunner with rammer

Yesterday I primed them black, and they are ready to don their uniforms.  The figures are original Hinton Hunts, the gun is from John Cunningham.

To oppose the French (Dutch) gunners are some British Royal Artillerists, with what was described (by the person who sold me the figures) as a six ponder.  Does anyone recognize the gun?  Is it a Hinton Hunt  "A.2. Field Gun (British)"?:

Royal Field Artillery
BN/144 Gunner(holding hand spike for traversing)
BN/142 Gunner (ramming home)
BN/143 Gunner (holding cannonball)
BN/140 Officer pointing holding map

They are all original Hinton Hunts, and were primed this afternoon. 

One battery each will do until I have "Phase I" completed.

"Phase I" will end with each army having the following: 
One cavalry regiment (French 7th Hussars, elite squadron and line squadron; and Prussian 3rd Silesian Lancer squadron and an as yet undetermined lancer squadron);
Two infantry battalions;
One unit of skirmishers; and
One artillery battery. 

At that point, a small affair will be fought in celebration.