Sunday, July 15, 2018

General Gilbert Désiré Joseph Bachelu's New Uniform and Horse

General Gilbert Désiré Joseph Bachelu has been repainted and now has a new uniform and horse. 

Here is the general as I received him, before the refurbishment (facing to the right)
 Here is a close up, after refurbishment (facing right)
Here is the general, again as I received him, before the refurbishment (facing to the left)


 Here is a close up, after refurbishment (facing left)
 Here are two more photos from different angles:
His face looks a bit odd in this photo; it looks somewhat different (better) in person.

Here he is from the back. 
All in all., I am happy at how he turned out.  He has not had his gloss applied yet.  The entire army will be glossified at a later date.
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  1. He looks terrific, CN! I'm very impressed by the vivid colours, too. Which paints are you using?

    A word of warning about leaving the shininess to the end - it's a very dull job! It's bad enough having to go over a single battalion.

    1. Thank you, and thanks for the warning.

    2. My paints are: Vallejo Game Color and Model Color, Ral Partha, IWM (Iron Wind Metal), P3 formula, Citadel (old - metallics mostly, in the hex shaped jar), MSP (Master Series Paint), and I have just added a couple of Army Painter Warpaints.

  2. Furbish away...its a huge improvement!

  3. A new man and better for the experience it would seem.

  4. Yes, In recall having three of these Hinton Hunt figures in my army - one each for Morand, Friant, and Gudin. The only difference between them was the horse color!

  5. Please don't make us wait too long for glossy shots - they really come alive when shiny.