Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Who are These Strange Looking Chaps?

These strange looking chaps arrived in camp last year, fully uniformed and equipped.  I came across them at a local wargame convention, and they were in a 'lot' of old figures that I purchased. 

Can anyone identify who they are? 

They have formed a defensive square to ward off comments about the odd color of their uniforms.

Their uniform is painted rather oddly, as if it was first painted red, then had yellow layered over it to make an orange (or faux light brown)?  Are they Cacadores (though the below uniform plate does not show a red 'vest" or white cross-belts)?  

They appear to be holding rifles (no bayonets).

The Officer with the yellow plume has what appears to be 9099 (or 6066) on the underside of his base.  The rest are covered in glue and paper that I will have to remove.  

Do you recognize the figures or the manufacturer?  

Please leave a comment below if you have any information on these odd little fellows.


  1. They look like the Neufchatel battalion to me.
    Here's a nice overview on Peter 'Gonsalvo's blog

  2. Hi there...
    These chaps look to me like they may be painted up as the Neuchatel Battalion ... a Swiss unit in French service.
    The miniatures look very much like they are by Jack Scruby ...
    I have some similar looking figures ... with somewhat coincidently are also painted as Neuchatel...

    All the best. Aly

  3. Swiss?? Nuechatel Battalion wore French cut uniforms in orange?

    1. The Neufchatel battalion wore a canary yellow jacket with red facings, which makes it look very orange when photographed in a yellow light. :)

  4. I think they're meant to be the Prince of Neufchatel Battalion! Neufchatel was a little Prussian enclave in Switzerland which was ceded to France in 1806. Napoleon gave it to Berthier, and this extraordinary yellow (sometimes represented as brownish, sometimes orange) battalion was the result. The 'Canaries' fought in Austria, Spain, Russia and in the 1813/14 campaigns.

    As for the figures, they look a bit like Scrubys - perhaps a mix of their 20mm and 25mm ranges? The chaps over at Historifigs, who own the old Scruby ranges, might know.

  5. These are one of the Swiss battalions in French service, Neuchatel something like that. Yellow coatees with red facings quite distinctive.

  6. Not sure if I actually left a comment earlier or if its waiting approval but here's another with a link to a page on the Yellow Coated Battalion Neuchatel , Swiss in Napoleon's army inc a picture.

  7. People get all hung up about colour shades. They look good to me but it's your opinion that counts. Nice blog