Friday, June 9, 2017

More Enigmas - Westpahlian Line Infantry? Prussian Jaegers?

                            Westphalian Infantry?  HH?  DK?

                          Prussian Jaegers ?  DK?

Here are a few more figures to identify.  Sold to me as Westphalian Infantry (top) and Prussian Jaegers (bottom).

Wargamed left a comment below, regarding the Prussian Jaegers.  I found a 1970 DK Catalog at Vintage Wargaming Figures which shows a code of 123 for Prussian Light Infantry Jaeger BN Advancing for these figures.  They have the 123 code on the bottom (the 23 is clear, but the left side of the base bottom; where the 1 (of 123) would have been; are filed off to help the figures stand up straight).

1 comment:

  1. Top ones are not DK as they never produced a marching pose. Either HH or recasts. Others are Prussian Jaegers - likely DK a/c stand thickness (or lack thereof.