Monday, June 12, 2017

Grey Tack vs Black? I Would Like Your Opinion

What is your opinion of using grey on the 7th Hussar's  horses tack? It is an experiment. 

A painter for Front Rank does so; go to this link and click on the mounted personalities to see examples:  

Front Rank


  1. If you like the look, keep it! I don't do it myself as I find the modelling of straps and reigns tends to be a on Hinton Hunts, which makes it hard to sustain a straight line. Black covers up a multitude of sins! Also, if you decide to make them glossy, the shininess will pick out all the strap work for you.

  2. I use black with a dark grey highlight.

  3. I wouldn't myself. A light greybrown highlight on matte black reins, maybe but to me solid grey looks like....grey. Perhaps a very dark grey, but I like black and glossy.

    Mind you, only one opinion really counts- if you like it than do it!

  4. I would also go with black and glossy.

  5. I use a black base with a dark grey highlight. My final coat is matt varnish. For brown reins, I use brown with a dark brown ink edge.