Thursday, June 1, 2017

The First Recruits Arrive (but we are still recruiting)

Today the first recruits arrived, having marched their way across the USA from a fort in the far East... at least relative to my location.  The troops prior commander provided some of them with uniforms, others with only underclothes (primer), and some arrived wearing nothing at all (bare metal).  I will be doing a roll call (going through the figures) this weekend in more detail; but at first glance, they appear to be a mix of Hinton Hunt and Der Kriegspielers figures.  There are Swedish infantry, Hanoverian infantry, French infantry, British line, British rifles, Highland infantry, and British gun crews, as well as a few cannon (I will have to identify the make of the guns).  Only a handful of mounted figures arrived, and most of those without their horses.

I am grateful to their previous owner, who rescued them from his lead pile (perhaps of figures that were destined to never be painted or used) and sent them to me earlier this week.  Now I am obligated to fit them with new uniforms and send them into battle... which always was, and still is, their destiny.

I will have to decide whether to strip and repaint the already painted figures so that they match my painting style, or merely touch them up and add a shiny coat of gloss finish.  I am aiming for the bright and glossy look evident on   The Hinton Spieler, the  Hinton Hunt Vintage Wargame Figures and Ilkley Old School blogs (see the photos below).

The look we are after:


(Pictures courtesy of the Hinton Spieler and Wellington Man).

I will post some photos and a list of the new recruits after the roll call is complete and they are identified.

Note:  WE ARE STILL RECRUITING.  In fact, I realize that as recruits begin to arrive, the need for specific additional recruits becomes apparent.  For instance, if 21 Swedish infantry arrive, then we will need a drummer, an officer and a flag bearer to round out the unit.  If cavalry arrive without their horses, then we need to find them fresh mounts.  The adventure begins!


  1. Success! Best of luck with the painting. Best wishes, WM

  2. Good Luck. If you can't get everything you want, SHQ Napoleonics are a good fit for size.

    1. Thank you for the comment. Do you have any photos you can send? Especially one showing a HH and a SHQ?