Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Prussian Hussars and Lancers Arrive in Camp

Yesterday over five squadrons of Prussian cavalry arrived in camp.  They came as a donation from a friend and are much appreciated.  Half of the 32 figures appear to me to be Prussian Landwehr Lancers and the other half Prussian Hussars.  To top it off, they arrived trimmed of flash, leveled (on the bottom of their bases) and primed for painting. 

16 Prussian Lancers race to the quartermaster for issuance of Uniforms.  These appear to me to be home-casts of Hinton Hunt "PN/39 Landwehr Lancer Trooper (mounted) charging." 

I am thinking of painting them as Silesian Landwehr, with dark blue coats, yellow collar and cuffs and white buttons.

Prussian Hussars:

16 Prussian Hussars charge after the lancers, also anxious for issuance of Uniforms.  These appear to me to be home-casts of Hinton Hunt "PN/85 Prussian Hussar (mounted) charging."  All of these cavalry figures are cast from a nice metal, which has a little bend to it, but holds its position nicely (lead?).  The weight of the figures is quite pleasant to the hand.

 Prussian Hussars carried a curved sabre (Photo: Prussian light cavalry sabre from Military Heritage, see:  Napoleon, His Army and Enemies).

 I am inclined to paint them as the First Lieb Hussar regiment:

Since I have two (plus) squadrons of each (hussars and lancers), I am also open to painting the four squadrons in different uniforms.  Let me know your opinion on that (whether you think that I should paint  the two squadrons differently, and if so, what other two lancer and hussar regiment's uniforms would you suggest)?

Finally, I may try my hand at converting one of the hussars into an officer.  That would seem to be an easy first step into "conversion."  Suggestions?


  1. The simplest conversion would be to remove the carbine from the figure and just paint with silver lacing and frogging.
    A level would be to use one of the hussar generals in the command figures range and do a headswop with a Prussian in covered shako. That will give a more imposing figure. Worth checking with John Cunningham as to him producing such a figure or an Alberken hussar dress general (Which I think he does do). Again, with the Alberken, off with the head, on with the shako.
    Where do you live Captain? It may be you are near an experienced converter!

    1. Thank you for the tips on conversion! Removing the carbine and painting should be in my skill set. I will check with John C and find out if he has a general's head for me.

  2. That lot should keep you busy for a while! It's quite a nice idea to mix and match squadrons I think.

    1. Any suggestions on which other hussar and lancer regiments to use?

  3. That is a nice addition to your collection. You have amassed quiet a few figures in a short period.

    1. Thank you. With the help of the Hinton-Huntians out there I am making some headway.

      When I have a Prussian squadron painted, perhaps I will have a small (very small) cavalry Skirmish.