Monday, June 5, 2017

More Recruits Arrive from the East

An additional body of recruits arrived today from the Eastern United States.  Marching into the camp were the following:

48 Prussian Jaegers - DK?
29 French Middle Guard Marching - DK?
29 French Light Infantry Marching - DK?
26 Hesse-Darmstadt Infantry Marching - DK?
22 French Young Guard Defending - DK?
19 Austrian Artillery Crew - DK?
16 Westphalian Infantry Marching - DK?
8 Brunswick Line Infantry Privates Marching  -  HH BRN/16
6 French Officers - 5 x HH FN/145 and 1 x ?

I will need some help identifying these troops point of origin.  The Hinton Hunt's identified above are clearly marked on the bottom of the base.  However, someone has kindly prepared these figures by filing them flat so that they will stand up easily (note:  this is something I did with my elite cavalry mounts pictured below).  Unfortunately, this renders some of their stock numbers unreadable.   When I have time and some good light (perhaps on Friday or this weekend), I will post some photos so you can see them, and perhaps you will venture your expert opinions as to the make and model numbers for these figures.

1 comment:

  1. Happy to help, but in the meantime the things to look out for are:

    1. Thickness and squareness of bases. Thin bases, or bases which are not totally square are probably DKs
    2. Detail. If they're looking a bit slim and vague, they will be DKs
    3. Metal. Darker metals, with a flakier, crumblier consistency tend to be DKs.

    If its bright metal, chunky, with crisp detailing and good, solid square bases, they are almost certainly Hinton Hunts.